Vance Golden Ticket

Unlock live Google rates on all your money transfers to India.

Vance Golden Ticket

Unlock live Google rates on all your money transfers to India.

Get Live Google Rates

Enjoy your first three transfers at absolutely zero fees.

Invite friends to Vance & Win 50 AED

You get 50 AED when you invite your friends to Vance via a Golden Ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vance Golden Ticket?

Vance Golden Ticket campaign is an exciting initiative that allows you to Unlock Google Rates on the app. Use your Golden Ticket code to get Google Rates on all your transfers. Your first three transfers are absolutely free!

How can I unlock Google rates on Vance?

You need a Golden Ticket to unlock Google Rates on the platform. You can get a Golden Ticket in the following ways:

•  Asking friends who are already on our platform.
•  Successfully referring two friends
•  Engaging with our promotions on social media and other platforms.
•  If You're lucky enough and we have already given you a Golden Ticket

How can I earn rewards with my Golden Tickets?

If you already have access to Google Rates, you can earn AED 50 by sharing your Golden Tickets with your friend. A Golden Ticket referral is deemed successful when the referred person makes transfers of AED 2500 or more. You have 3 Golden Tickets to share - get started now!

How can I share my Golden Ticket?

You can easily share your unique Golden Ticket code with your friends and family via various communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Email, or any other method you prefer.

How will I know if someone has used my Golden Ticket?

You can track your referral directly on the Vance App. We'll also notify you every time your Golden Ticket is redeemed. Additionally, you'll also be informed when you've successfully referred two friends, unlocking Google Rates for you.

Can I see which of my contacts have a Golden Ticket?

Yes, we have a feature that allows you to view which of your contacts or friends have a Golden Ticket. This makes it easier for you to reach out and connect with them.

What happens if I run out of Golden Tickets?

If you've used up all your 3 Golden Tickets, stay active on our platform and keep an eye out for special promotions where we might offer more chances to earn Golden Tickets

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