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Exempted HRA
Taxable HRA

Navigating through the complexities of House Rent Allowance (HRA) can be challenging for many salaried individuals. HRA, a vital component of your salary package, is designed to support your rental expenses and can significantly reduce your taxable income. Our simple and efficient HRA calculator is here to simplify this process for you.

What is an HRA Calculator?

An HRA calculator is an online tool tailored to help you quickly determine the tax-exempt portion of your HRA. The amount you can claim varies based on your salary, rent paid, and your location. This tool inputs these factors and calculates the exempted HRA, streamlining your tax calculations.

Understanding the HRA Calculation Formula

The HRA calculation is based on this formula:

HRA Exemption = min⁡{Actual HRA Received, Rent Paid − 10% × Basic Salary, 50% (or 40% for non-metros) × Basic Salary}

For example, if you're paying ₹12,000 rent in Kolkata and receiving ₹15,000 as HRA with a basic salary of ₹23,000, the exempted HRA would be the least of the three calculations derived from the formula.

How to Use the HRA Calculator?

To use the HRA calculator effectively:

  • Input Basic Salary: Enter your monthly basic salary.
  • Enter Dearness Allowance: If applicable, include your dearness allowance.
  • Fill in HRA Received: Add the HRA amount provided by your employer.
  • Specify Rent Paid: Input your monthly rental payment.
  • Select Location: Choose between Metro or Non-Metro city, as HRA exemption rates vary.

The calculator will then instantly display your exempted HRA amount, helping you understand your taxable income better.

Benefits of Using an HRA Calculator

  • Saves Time: Quick calculations save you from the hassle of manual computations.
  • Accurate Results: Eliminates errors, ensuring reliable and precise calculations.
  • Location-Specific Calculations: Adjusts calculations based on whether you live in a Metro or Non-Metro city.
  • Financial Planning Aid: Helps in efficient tax planning and budgeting.
  • User-Friendly: Simple and straightforward, requiring minimal inputs for instant results.


Understanding and calculating HRA can be effortless with the right tools. Our HRA calculator is designed to provide you with quick and accurate results, making it easier for you to manage your finances and tax liabilities. Whether you're residing in a bustling metro city or a tranquil non-metro town, this tool caters to your specific needs, helping you optimize your tax savings effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can claim HRA tax exemption?

Salaried individuals who receive HRA as part of their salary and pay rent for their accommodation can claim HRA tax exemption.

Can I claim HRA if my rent agreement is in my spouse's or parent's name?

Typically, you need to be the one paying the rent to claim HRA. If the rent agreement is in a family member's name, consult a tax expert for advice based on your specific situation.

How is HRA calculated if I switch jobs during the year?

If you switch jobs in a financial year, HRA calculation is done separately for each job based on your salary structure and rent paid during each tenure. You need to add up the exempted HRA from each job for your annual tax return.

What if my landlord doesn’t provide a PAN number?

If your landlord doesn’t provide a PAN number, you can submit a declaration mentioning this fact. Note that providing a landlord's PAN is mandatory if your annual rent exceeds a certain limit (e.g., INR 1,00,000).

How can I maximize my HRA exemption?

To maximize your HRA exemption, ensure you are declaring the actual rent paid, provided it's within the limit of 50% of your basic salary in metro cities (or 40% in non-metros). Living in a metro city and declaring rent close to these limits can maximize the exemption.
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