Diaspora Delight: States in India Planning to Create Separate Ministry for NRIs

Explore how several states in India, like Karnataka and Punjab, plan to create separate ministries for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs).
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March 8, 2024

In response to the needs and concerns of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), several states in India are thinking of creating separate ministries devoted to the NRI diaspora. This idea is a breath of fresh air for NRIs, who frequently face hurdles when dealing with their homeland. Karnataka is leading the way in this effort by planning a separate ministry for NRIs. This decision shows an increasing appreciation for the significant impact NRIs have on India's economy and society and a dedication to strengthening relationships with the overseas community.

NRI and PIO Population and Their Economic Impact on India

Data from the Ministry of External Affairs indicates that there are 3,21,00,340 individuals residing abroad. Out of this population, 1,34,59,195 are identified as Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), while 1,86,83,645 are classified as Persons of Indian Origin (PIO).

India maintained its status as the top receiver of remittances worldwide, with an anticipated amount of USD 125 billion in 2023. This highlights the vital part the Indian diaspora plays in assisting families and bolstering the nation's economic robustness.

With such a strong diaspora presence, contribution to India's economy through remittances, investments, and expertise in diverse sectors has only gone up. In fact, India consistently ranks among the top recipients of remittances globally, with NRIs sending billions of dollars back home each year.

Karnataka's Plan for a Dedicated NRI Ministry

The proposed separate ministry for NRIs in Karnataka aims to serve as a centralized platform for addressing the diverse needs and concerns of NRIs from the state. It is expected to streamline processes related to property management, investment facilitation, legal assistance, and other services essential for NRIs. By establishing a dedicated ministry, the state government intends to enhance accessibility, efficiency, and responsiveness in catering to the requirements of NRIs, thereby fostering stronger connections and partnerships with the diaspora.

The move by Karnataka follows similar initiatives undertaken by other states in India, including Punjab, which has already established a dedicated Department of NRI Affairs. The Punjab government's NRI Affairs Department serves as a one-stop destination for NRIs seeking assistance and support across various domains, such as investment opportunities, property matters, grievance redressal, and cultural exchanges. The department also actively engages with the NRI community through outreach programs, events, and initiatives aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating their active participation in the development of the state.


In conclusion, the decision by states in India to establish separate ministries or departments for NRIs signifies a significant milestone in recognizing and addressing the needs of the diaspora community. It reflects a proactive approach towards engaging with NRIs and harnessing their potential for mutual benefit. As these initiatives take shape, NRIs can look forward to enhanced support, services, and opportunities for meaningful engagement with their roots, contributing to a more inclusive and vibrant relationship between India and its diaspora.

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