Federal Bank FCNR Deposits: A Complete Guide for Investors

Federal Bank FCNR Deposit: A Global Indian's Ideal Financial Choice
October 16, 2023
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Federal Bank, one of India's premier private sector banks, has consistently catered to the diverse needs of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Among its suite of services, the Foreign Currency Non Resident Account Deposit (FCNR) emerges as a top choice for NRIs wishing to maintain their earnings in foreign currencies within India. The Federal Bank FCNR account not only promises attractive returns but also acts as a shield, protecting the depositor's funds from the unpredictable swings of exchange rate fluctuations.

Features & Benefits of FCNR Deposit

The FCNR deposit offered by Federal Bank is laden with features that resonate with the unique financial requirements of NRIs:

  • Protection from Exchange Rate Fluctuation: One of the standout features of the Federal Bank FCNR account is its ability to insulate your foreign currency earnings from any adverse movements in the exchange rate, ensuring the safety of your investment.
  • Tax-Free Interest & High Returns: Investors can relish 100% tax-free interest in India, complemented by FCNR interest rates Federal Bank offers, which are competitive and designed to maximize the growth potential of your investment.
  • Repatriability: Both the principal and the interest earned have the advantage of being freely repatriable. This feature is especially beneficial for those who might consider transferring the maturity proceeds out of India in the future.
  • Loan Facilities: Federal Bank extends the facility to avail loans against your FCNR deposits. These loans can be in Rupees or the designated foreign currency. Furthermore, a rupee advance up to 75% of the deposit's rupee equivalent can be accessed.
  • Ease of Access: An FCNR account can be seamlessly opened in any branch of Federal Bank, ensuring that convenience is at the forefront.
  • Tax Exemptions: The interest accrued on your FCNR deposit rates Federal Bank provides is exempt from Income Tax, provided you maintain a non-resident status in India. Additionally, the deposit amount enjoys an exemption from wealth tax.

Procedure to Open an FCNR Account

Initiating an FCNR account with Federal Bank is a hassle-free experience. The account can be kickstarted with a remittance from abroad in the designated currencies. This remittance can be facilitated through various channels such as Demand Draft (DD), Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Mail Transfer (MT), or even personal cheques. For NRIs on a temporary visit to India, traveler's cheques or foreign currency can also be tendered. If using a DD, it's imperative that it's drawn on a bank in the currency's native country. It's recommended to notify the branch beforehand when considering an FCNR deposit and to clearly mark the remittance purpose as "FCNR Deposit". For an exhaustive list of corresponding branches, one can visit the provided link.

Standard steps:

  1. Start the Process: Start by approaching any branch of Federal Bank. Remember, FCNR accounts can be opened in any branch, making it convenient for NRIs no matter where they are in India.
  2. Remittance: The account can be opened by remitting funds from abroad in the designated currencies. This remittance can be made through various means such as Demand Draft (DD), Telegraphic Transfer (TT), Mail Transfer (MT), or even personal cheques. Traveler's cheques or foreign currency can also be tendered by the account holder during their temporary visit to India. If opting for a DD, ensure it's drawn on a bank in the country of the desired currency.
  3. Documentation: As with any financial account, you'll need to provide certain documents. This includes:
  • A duly filled FCNR account opening form.
  • Passport-size photographs.
  • KYC Form or Customer Master Form.
  • PAN card.
  • Valid visa.
  • Passport copy.
  • Specimen signature impression on a separate paper sheet.
  1. Online Resources: Federal Bank provides a list of corresponding branches that can assist with the FCNR deposit process. This can be accessed through their official website. Before making the FCNR deposit, inform the branch in advance and ensure the purpose of remittance is clearly mentioned as FCNR Deposit.
  2. Final Steps: Once the bank receives the funds and all necessary documents, they will process and open your FCNR account. You'll receive an account number and other relevant details.

Federal Bank FCNR Deposit Rates

Federal Bank ensures that its customers receive competitive returns on their investments. The FCNR interest rates Federal Bank offers are periodically revised to align with global economic conditions and to provide the best value to its customers. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the rates effective from 18th September 2023:

For Deposits in USD:


For Deposits in GBP, EURO, YEN, CAD, AUD:


For Deposits in CHF, NZD, SGD, HKD:


These tables provide a detailed breakdown of the FCNR deposit rates Federal Bank offers for various currencies and deposit amounts.

Federal Bank FCNR account stands out as an exemplary financial product tailored for the global Indian. With its protection against exchange rate fluctuations, tax benefits, and competitive interest rates, it offers a secure and profitable avenue for NRIs to park their foreign earnings. The flexibility in terms of currency choices, tenure, and the added advantage of loan facilities further enhance its appeal. In a world where financial security and growth are paramount, Federal Bank's FCNR account emerges as a beacon for NRIs, ensuring their hard-earned money is not only safe but also grows steadily.


What is the primary advantage of an FCNR account over a regular savings account?

The FCNR account protects your foreign earnings from exchange rate fluctuations, ensuring the value of your deposit remains stable.

Can I open an FCNR account in any currency?

Federal Bank's FCNR account can be opened in major global currencies. It's best to check with the bank for the current list of supported currencies.

Is the interest earned on the FCNR account taxable in India?

No, the interest earned on the FCNR deposit is exempt from Income Tax in India as long as the depositor maintains a non-resident status.

How does the repatriation of funds work with the FCNR account?

Both the principal amount and the interest earned on the FCNR account are freely repatriable, making it easy for account holders to transfer funds out of India.

Can I avail a loan against my FCNR deposit?

Yes, Federal Bank offers the facility to avail loans against FCNR deposits in either Rupees or Foreign Currency.

Is there a minimum tenure for the FCNR deposit to earn interest?

Yes, to earn interest on the FCNR deposit, it has to complete a minimum period of one year.

Are there any penalties for premature withdrawal of the FCNR deposit?

The terms and conditions for premature withdrawal might vary. It's advisable to consult with the bank for specific details.

Can I open an FCNR account online?

While the bank provides online services, it's best to check with Federal Bank directly regarding the online opening of an FCNR account.

Is the FCNR deposit insured?

Deposits in Indian banks are generally insured up to a certain limit. However, it's recommended to check with Federal Bank for specific details on FCNR deposit insurance.

Can I convert my existing NRE account to an FCNR account?

Conversion of account types usually requires specific procedures. It's best to approach Federal Bank directly for guidance on this matter.

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