HDFC Bank NRE FD: A Guide to HDFC NRI FD Rates (2023)

HDFC NRI Fixed Deposit: A Detailed Insight into Rates, Benefits, and More for NRIs in 2023
October 1, 2023
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HDFC Bank, a leading name in the Indian banking sector, has always been at the forefront of offering specialized financial products tailored to the needs of its diverse clientele. For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) looking to invest their foreign earnings in India, the HDFC NRE FD stands out as a preferred choice. This product not only allows NRIs to earn competitive interest on their deposits but also offers a host of other benefits, making it a sought-after financial instrument. With the HDFC NRE account interest rate being highly competitive, it's no wonder that many NRIs are keen on exploring this option.

Features of HDFC Bank NRE FD

  • Higher Interest Rates: One of the primary attractions of the HDFC NRE FD is its lucrative interest rates. The HDFC NRE FD rates are designed to provide maximized returns to the depositors, ensuring that their money grows efficiently while parked in the FD.
  • Partial Withdrawal: Flexibility is key when it comes to financial products. Recognizing this, HDFC Bank allows partial withdrawal of the deposits, ensuring that customers have access to their funds when they need them.
  • Overdraft Facility: An added advantage of the HDFC bank NRE FD is the overdraft facility. Customers can avail of an overdraft up to 90% of their deposit, providing them with financial flexibility in times of need.
  • Complete Repatriation: The HDFC bank NRE FD rates are not the only attractive feature. Customers can repatriate their complete deposit (both principal and interest) at any time, making it convenient for NRIs to move their funds.
  • Tax Exemption: Both the principal and interest earned on the HDFC NRI FD are exempt from tax, ensuring that customers enjoy the full benefits of their savings without any deductions.
  • Joint Account Option: The HDFC bank FD rates for NRI are available not just for individual accounts but also for joint accounts. NRIs can open the deposit jointly with any other NRI, allowing them to manage their finances collaboratively.
  • Nomination and Sweep-in Facilities: To further enhance the convenience for its customers, HDFC Bank offers a nomination facility for the HDFC NRE FD. Additionally, the Sweep-in facility ensures that customers can maximize their interest earnings by efficiently managing their funds.
  • Tenure Flexibility: Whether one is looking for a short-term investment or a long-term one, the HDFC bank NRI FD rates cater to all needs. Customers can maintain their deposit for a tenure ranging from a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years.

Interest Rates and Tenures for HDFC NRE FD

The HDFC bank NRI FD rates are competitive, offering attractive returns to depositors. Here's a detailed breakdown of the interest rates based on different tenures:

For deposits less than 2 Crore:

For deposits greater than or equal to 2 Cr to less than 5 Cr:

For deposits greater than or equal to 5 Cr:

These tables offer a comprehensive view of the HDFC NRE FD rates for larger deposit amounts. The rates are subject to change, and depositors are advised to check the latest rates with the bank before making a deposit.

How to Deposit Money in HDFC NRE FD

Depositing money into the HDFC NRE FD is a straightforward process. Here are the methods through which you can fund your NRE Fixed Deposit:

  • Transfer from Abroad: One of the primary ways to deposit money is by transferring funds from abroad in a freely convertible foreign currency. This ensures that your foreign earnings are seamlessly integrated into the HDFC NRI FD.
  • Foreign Currency Notes/Travelers Cheques: If you or another NRI visits India, you can present foreign currency notes or travelers cheques. This provides a direct and efficient way to deposit funds into the HDFC bank NRE FD.
  • Direct Remittance: Another convenient method is to directly remit the amount to HDFC Bank. This ensures that your funds are securely and promptly deposited into the HDFC NRE FD.
  • Transfer from Existing NRE/FCNR Account: If you already have an NRE or FCNR account with another bank, you can easily transfer funds from that account to your HDFC NRE account interest rate.

Eligibility Criteria for HDFC NRE FD

To open an HDFC NRE FD with HDFC Bank, there are specific eligibility criteria that individuals must meet:

  • Nationality & Residency: The primary criterion is that the individual must be a non-resident of India. This means that they should not be residing in India for a significant duration during the financial year.
  • Indian Origin: The individual should either be of Indian nationality or of Indian origin. This includes individuals who might have taken up the citizenship of another country but have their roots or ancestry in India.

It's essential to note that while HDFC Bank has set these basic eligibility criteria for opening an HDFC NRE FD, there might be additional documentation or verification processes based on the bank's internal policies and regulatory requirements.

The HDFC NRE FD is a testament to HDFC Bank's commitment to offering its NRI customers a secure and profitable means to grow their savings. With competitive interest rates, flexible tenures, and a host of other benefits, the bank ensures that its customers enjoy the best of services. Whether you're looking to park your funds for a short duration or invest for the long term, HDFC Bank's NRE FD is tailored to meet your financial goals. Coupled with the bank's robust customer support and seamless banking experience, it's evident why many NRIs choose HDFC for their banking needs.


Q1. What is the HDFC NRE FD and how is it different from regular FDs?

The HDFC NRE FD is a Fixed Deposit specifically designed for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). It allows NRIs to park their foreign income in India and earn interest on it. The primary difference from regular FDs is that the funds in an NRE FD are in convertible foreign currency, and both the principal and interest earned are freely repatriable.

Q2. Are the interest earnings on HDFC NRE FD taxable?

No, the interest earned on HDFC NRE FD is exempt from Indian Income Tax. This means that both the principal amount and the interest earned are tax-free.

Q3. Can I prematurely withdraw my HDFC NRE FD?

Yes, partial withdrawal of the deposits is allowed. However, it's essential to note that if the NRE deposit is prematurely withdrawn before 1 Year, no interest will be paid. Also, the interest rate applicable for premature withdrawal will be 1% lower than the rate on the date of deposit booking.

Q4. What is the tenure range for HDFC NRE FD?

You can maintain the deposit for a minimum tenure of 1 year and a maximum of 10 years.

Q5. How is the interest on HDFC NRE FD calculated?

For deposits with a tenor above 6 months, the interest is calculated on a quarterly basis. For a deposit with a tenor below 6 months, interest is calculated on maturity as Simple Interest.

Q6. What are the HDFC bank NRI FD rates for senior citizens?

HDFC Bank offers an additional 0.50% interest for senior citizens on specific tenures. However, it's important to note that Senior Citizen Rates do not apply to NRIs.

Q7. How can I deposit money into my HDFC NRE FD?

There are several ways to deposit money into your NRE Fixed Deposit:

  1. Transfer funds from abroad in a freely convertible foreign currency.
  2. Present foreign currency notes/travellers cheques during a visit to India.
  3. Directly remit the amount to HDFC Bank.
  4. Transfer funds from an existing NRE/FCNR Account held in other banks.

Q8. What is the HDFC Bank Special Edition Fixed Deposit?

HDFC Bank offers Special Edition Fixed Deposits with higher FD rates. For instance, they offer an interest rate of 7.20% on a tenure of 35 months and 7.25% on a tenure of 55 months.

Q9. Can I open the HDFC NRE FD jointly with another NRI?

Yes, you can open the deposit jointly with any other NRI.

Q10. Are there any special facilities available with HDFC NRE FD?

Yes, apart from the standard features, customers can avail of the nomination facility and the Sweep-in facility on their fixed deposit.

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