How RBI’s New PRAVAAH Portal Simplifies FEMA Approvals for NRIs

Discover how RBI’s PRAVAAH portal streamlines FEMA approvals, making financial transactions easier for NRIs.
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June 17, 2024
Simplify FEMA Approvals with RBI's PRAVAAH Portal for NRIs

Ever found navigating complex financial regulations while living abroad frustrating? For many NRIs, handling FEMA approvals is particularly challenging.

In response, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced the PRAVAAH portal, announced in April 2023 and launched in May 2024. This digital platform simplifies online applications for regulatory approvals, enhancing efficiency and transparency. It marks a significant shift from the old, cumbersome method of submitting applications through authorised dealer (AD) banks, which often involved extensive due diligence and potential biases.

The PRAVAAH portal offers 60 application forms for various regulatory and supervisory needs within the RBI. This article explores how the PRAVAAH portal is set to streamline the approval process, making FEMA-related issues quicker and easier to handle.

Before PRAVAAH: What NRIs Faced with FEMA Approvals

Getting FEMA approvals for NRIs used to be a real headache. Here's what made it so tough before PRAVAAH came along:

  • Lengthy Processing Times: Applications often took weeks, if not months, to process.
  • Dependence on AD Banks: NRIs had to go through Authorized Dealer (AD) banks, which could introduce biases and delays.
  • Lack of Application Status Visibility: Tracking the status of applications was almost impossible, leading to uncertainty and frustration.

Introducing PRAVAAH: A Game Changer for NRIs

PRAVAAH stands for Platform for Regulatory Application, Validation, and Authorization. This portal aims to streamline the approval process under FEMA, making it more user-friendly for NRIs.

  • Direct Communication with RBI: No more middlemen; NRIs can directly interact with the RBI.
  • Online Application Submission: Submit applications online from anywhere in the world.
  • Standardised Forms: The use of uniform forms simplifies the process and reduces errors.

Which Online Applications for Regulatory Approvals does PRAVAAH simplify?

The PRAVAAH portal hosts 60 forms for various regulatory and supervisory approvals within the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). A few of these include:

  • Property and Financial Approvals

The PRAVAAH portal simplifies key FEMA approvals for NRIs, including the sale of inherited agricultural land, remittance of inheritance amounts over $1 million, receiving gifts of immovable property from relatives, and crediting sale proceeds from more than two house properties into non-resident (external) bank accounts.

  • General Regulatory Approvals

PRAVAAH streamlines approvals for acquiring or selling immovable property in India, establishing Liaison, Branch, and Project Offices, obtaining bank guarantees beyond AD bank limits, handling ECB proposals under the approval route, and compounding applications for FEMA-related issues.

For detailed information on specific approvals, please click here.

Who Benefits from PRAVAAH?

PRAVAAH offers a range of advantages for both Indian corporates and NRIs. Let's explore how each group can leverage this new digital platform: 

Indian Corporates

  • Streamlined Banking: PRAVAAH allows companies to get RBI approval to open additional bank accounts for their Indian branches.
  • Faster Loan Management: Companies can now efficiently apply for prepayment approvals on external commercial borrowings.
  • Simplified Foreign Branch Maintenance: The portal helps companies get approval for exceeding remittance limits when maintaining their foreign branches.
  • Easier Expansion and Resource Allocation: Foreign companies in India can directly apply for approvals to expand operations or temporarily move funds between project offices.


  • Selling Property: NRIs can use PRAVAAH to apply for approvals related to selling land they unintentionally acquired in India.
  • Managing Large Inheritances: The portal simplifies the process of applying to send inheritance exceeding $1 million outside India.
  • Receiving Gifts: NRIs can easily apply for approval to receive gifts of immovable property from relatives in India.
  • Meeting Financial Needs: Selling multiple properties? PRAVAAH allows NRIs to get approval to credit the sale proceeds to their non-resident accounts for managing overseas finances.
  • Direct Communication: Submit applications electronically to the RBI, ditching the middleman (AD banks).
  • Online Convenience: No more paperwork! Applications are submitted online for a faster and more user-friendly experience.
  • Standardised Forms: Clear and consistent forms ensure a smooth application process.
  • Transparency & Efficiency: Track application status online and see expected decision timelines. 


The PRAVAAH portal is set to revolutionise how NRIs handle FEMA approvals. By enhancing transparency and efficiency, it simplifies financial transactions and reduces the hassle of managing finances from abroad. For more information on PRAVAAH and FEMA regulations, visit the RBI website. Stay informed and make the most of this game-changing portal.

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