IndusInd Bank NRO FD: An Overview for NRIs and PIOs

IndusInd Bank NRO FD: A Comprehensive Insight into Rates and Advantages
October 14, 2023
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IndusInd Bank, a renowned name in the Indian banking sector, has consistently catered to the diverse financial needs of its customers. Recognizing the unique financial requirements of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO), the bank offers specialized deposit schemes tailored for them. One such offering is the IndusInd Bank NRO Fixed Deposit. This deposit scheme allows NRIs and PIOs to earn attractive interest on their income generated in India, ensuring that their money grows securely even when they are miles away from home.

The IndusInd NRO FD is not just any ordinary fixed deposit. It's a testament to the bank's commitment to providing world-class banking solutions to its global clientele. With features like full repatriability and tax-free benefits, it stands out as a preferred choice for many overseas Indians.

Features and Benefits of IndusInd NRO FD

The IndusInd Bank NRO FD is designed keeping in mind the financial aspirations and needs of the global Indian. Here are some of its standout features and benefits:

  • Fully Repatriable: One of the primary advantages of this FD is its fully repatriable nature. This means that both the principal amount and the interest earned can be transferred back to the depositor's country of residence, subject to certain conditions.
  • Tax-Free Benefits: The interest earned on these deposits is tax-free, making it an even more attractive proposition for NRIs and PIOs looking to maximize their returns.
  • Attractive Interest Rates: IndusInd Bank NRO FD rates are competitive, ensuring that depositors get the best returns on their investments. The bank understands the value of hard-earned money and aims to offer the best rates in the industry.
  • Flexible Tenures: With tenures ranging from 1 year to a whopping 10 years, depositors have the flexibility to choose a term that best suits their financial goals and plans.
  • Special Provisions for Senior Citizens: Recognizing the additional financial needs of senior citizens, IndusInd Bank offers them higher interest rates. This ensures that our elderly customers get that extra financial boost in their golden years.
  • Trust and Reliability: With its strong presence in the banking sector and a reputation for trustworthiness, opting for an IndusInd Bank NRO Fixed Deposit is a decision backed by reliability and assurance.

Detailed Look at IndusInd Bank NRO FD Rates

When it comes to fixed deposits, interest rates play a pivotal role in determining the returns on the investment. IndusInd Bank NRO FD rates are designed to offer competitive returns, ensuring that your money grows steadily over time. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the interest rates offered by IndusInd Bank for NRO FDs for amounts less than Rs.2 crore:


Choosing the right financial product as an NRI or PIO can be a daunting task, especially when considering the myriad of options available. IndusInd Bank NRO FD stands out as a prime choice, offering not only competitive interest rates but also a host of benefits tailored to the unique needs of non-residents. With its commitment to customer-centricity, IndusInd Bank ensures a seamless banking experience, making it easier for you to manage and grow your savings in India. Whether you're looking to park your funds for a short duration or seeking long-term growth, IndusInd Bank's NRO FD is a reliable and lucrative option to consider.


Is the interest earned on IndusInd Bank NRO FD taxable?

Yes, the interest earned on IndusInd Bank NRO FD is subject to taxation as per the Income Tax Act of 1961. Depending on your total income, the interest may be taxed at the slab rate applicable to you. It's advisable to consult with a tax expert to understand the exact implications.

Can I open an IndusInd NRO FD jointly with a resident Indian?

Absolutely! IndusInd Bank allows NRIs and PIOs to open an IndusInd NRO FD jointly with both resident and non-resident Indians. This flexibility ensures that you can manage your finances in India with the help of a trusted family member or friend.

What is the minimum tenure for an IndusInd NRO FD?

The minimum tenure for opening an NRO FD with IndusInd Bank is 7 days. This short-term option is ideal for those looking to park their funds for a brief period while still earning interest.

Are there any special rates for senior citizens?

Yes, IndusInd Bank values its senior customers and offers enhanced interest rates for them. These rates are typically higher than the rates for the general public, ensuring that senior citizens get the most out of their savings.

Is the principal amount in IndusInd NRO FD repatriable?

The principal amount in the IndusInd NRO FD is not fully repatriable. However, a significant advantage is that the entire interest earned on the deposit can be transferred to a foreign currency, allowing NRIs and PIOs to benefit from their earnings abroad.

How is the interest calculated for FDs below 6 months?

For fixed deposits below 6 months, IndusInd Bank calculates the interest using a simple interest method. This means that the interest is calculated only on the principal amount, or on that portion of the principal amount which remains unpaid.

Can I manage my IndusInd NRO FD online?

Certainly! IndusInd Bank offers a robust online platform. Once an NRO Savings account is set up, customers can easily book NRO fixed deposits online through the bank's mobile or internet banking platform, making the process seamless and convenient.

What documents are required for PIOs to open an NRO FD?

PIOs wishing to open an NRO FD with IndusInd Bank need to provide several documents. These include a valid Indian passport, a valid PIO/OCI card, proof of address both overseas and in India, a duly signed PIO declaration, and a recent passport size photograph. These documents help the bank verify the identity and status of the applicant.

Is there a tax-saving scheme available with IndusInd NRO FD?

Yes, IndusInd Bank offers a special scheme called the "Indus Tax Saver Scheme." This fixed deposit scheme has a tenure of 5 years and is designed to help customers avail tax benefits under the Income Tax Act.

How frequently is the interest compounded for FDs of 6 months or above?

For fixed deposits that have a tenure of 6 months or more, IndusInd Bank compounds the interest quarterly. This means that the interest is added to the principal every three months, and the subsequent interest is calculated on this new amount.

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