Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) NRO FD Interest Rates, Eligibility, and More

IOB NRO FD 2023: Dive into the Latest Rates and Benefits
October 15, 2023
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Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), a major player in the Indian banking sector, has been serving its customers with unwavering dedication since its inception. Over the years, IOB has expanded its services, catering to a diverse clientele, including the non-resident Indian (NRI) community. Recognizing the unique financial needs of NRIs, IOB introduced the IOB NRO FD, a specialized fixed deposit scheme tailored for those residing overseas but wishing to maintain a rupee account in India. With its commitment to offering competitive IOB NRO FD rates and ensuring a seamless banking experience, IOB has become a go-to choice for many NRIs.

IOB NRO FD: An Overview

The IOB NRO FD is a financial instrument designed for non-resident Indians who seek to earn attractive returns on their rupee funds deposited in India. This fixed deposit scheme stands out in the market, especially with the IOB NRO FD rates 2023 being highly competitive. Whether you're an NRI looking for a short-term deposit or a long-term investment avenue, IOB's NRO FD offers flexibility, security, and profitability. The bank's transparent policies, coupled with additional interest provisions for senior citizens, make it a preferred choice. Furthermore, with the recent revision in the IOB NRO FD rates, potential investors can expect even better returns on their investments, reinforcing IOB's commitment to customer satisfaction.

IOB NRO FD Interest Rates for 2023

One of the primary factors influencing an investor's decision to opt for a fixed deposit is the interest rate offered. The IOB NRO FD rates have been designed to provide lucrative returns to its customers. Below is a comprehensive table detailing the IOB NRO FD rates 2023 for deposits below Rs. 2 Crore:


Special Provisions and Benefits

Indian Overseas Bank has always prioritized its customers, offering them benefits that enhance their banking experience. Here are some special provisions associated with the IOB NRO FD:

  • Senior and Super Senior Citizens: IOB acknowledges the contributions of the elderly and offers them additional interest rates. Senior citizens receive an additional rate of 0.50%, while super senior citizens (aged 80 years and above) benefit from an extra 0.75%.
  • IOB Tax Saver Deposit: The interest rate for IOB Tax Saver Deposit remains unchanged at 6.50%, providing a stable investment option for those looking to save on taxes.
  • Retired Staff: IOB values its retired staff members and offers them interest rates governed by the decisions taken by ALCO in its meeting No-04/2019-20 held on 08.07.2019.
  • Fore Closure Charges: IOB has a transparent policy regarding foreclosures. For retail term deposits up to Rs. 15,000, no charges are levied. For deposits ranging from Rs. 15,001 to Rs. 5 Lakh, a 0.50% charge is applicable. Deposits above Rs. 5 Lakh but below Rs. 2 Crore, as well as bulk deposits of Rs. 2 Crore & above, attract a 1.00% charge.

Deposits of Rs. 2 Crore and Above

For those investors who are looking to invest a substantial amount in the IOB NRO FD, there are specific guidelines to be followed. When the deposit amount is Rs. 2 Crore or more, the branch requires prior permission regarding the rate of interest from the Treasury Department at the Central Office. This provision ensures that large investments are handled with the utmost care and diligence, offering the best possible rates to the investor after thorough deliberation.

Loan Against IOB NRO FD

A unique feature of the IOB NRO FD is the facility to avail loans against the fixed deposit. This provision is especially beneficial for those who might face sudden financial needs and are hesitant to break their fixed deposits prematurely:

  • Loan Facility: NRI depositors or third parties can obtain loans or overdrafts against the security of their NRO FDs. This feature ensures that the depositor's investment remains intact while they can address their immediate financial requirements.
  • Loans in Foreign Currency: For those seeking loans in foreign currency, IOB offers this facility against the security of term deposits in India. These loans can be procured through the correspondent banks of IOB, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.
  • Avoid Premature Withdrawal: The primary advantage of this feature is that depositors can avoid the penalties and loss of interest associated with premature withdrawal. By taking a loan against their FD, they can ensure that their investment continues to earn interest while they address their financial needs.

By offering such flexible options, IOB ensures that its customers can navigate financial challenges without compromising on their investments.

IOB NRO FD stands out as a reliable and beneficial investment option for NRIs. With its competitive interest rates, flexibility in terms of loan against the deposit, and the trustworthiness of Indian Overseas Bank, it's an excellent choice for those looking to invest in India while residing abroad. The bank's commitment to offering the best to its customers is evident in its detailed and transparent interest rate structure and the additional benefits provided. Whether you're an NRI looking for short-term gains or long-term growth, the IOB NRO FD is worth considering.


What is the significance of the revised rates introduced on 10.04.2023 for IOB NRO FD?

The revised rates reflect the bank's response to the prevailing economic conditions, ensuring that depositors get competitive returns on their investments.

Can I avail a loan against my IOB NRO FD?

Yes, IOB offers the facility to obtain loans or overdrafts against the security of your NRO FD, allowing you to address financial needs without breaking the deposit.

Are the interest rates for IOB Tax Saver Deposit different from regular NRO FD rates?

Yes, the interest rate for IOB Tax Saver Deposit remains unchanged at 6.50%, irrespective of the regular NRO FD rates.

How are senior citizens benefited in terms of interest rates with IOB NRO FD?

Senior citizens get an additional interest rate of 0.50%, and super senior citizens (aged 80 years and above) receive an additional rate of 0.75%.

Is there a penalty for premature withdrawal of the IOB NRO FD?

Yes, depending on the deposit amount, penalties ranging from 0.50% to 1.00% are levied on premature withdrawals.

How frequently does IOB revise its NRO FD rates?

The revision of rates is based on economic conditions and the bank's discretion. The rates provided in this article were revised on 10.04.2023.

Can I open an IOB NRO FD online?

While the article doesn't specify online opening, it's advisable to visit IOB's official website or contact the bank directly for online account opening procedures.

Are the interest earnings on IOB NRO FD taxable?

Yes, the interest earned on NRO FDs is subject to tax as per the prevailing rates for the relevant financial year.

What is the minimum deposit period for IOB NRO FD?

The minimum deposit period for IOB NRO FD is 7 days, with a minimum amount of Rs. 1.00 Lakh.

Is the interest rate for deposits above Rs. 2 Crore fixed?

No, for deposits of Rs. 2 Crore and above, the branch requires prior permission regarding the rate of interest from the Treasury Department at the Central Office.

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