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Inventus Capital Partners: A Premier VC Choice for NRIs

Dive into the world of Inventus Capital Partners, a leading venture capital firm, and its significance for NRI investments.
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February 3, 2024


Inventus Capital Partners, known for its early-stage technology-focused venture capital investments, has become a notable name in the investment world. For Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) looking to venture into the start-up ecosystem, Inventus presents a valuable opportunity.

Inventus Capital Partners: An Overview

Founded in 2007, Inventus Capital Partners has established itself as a significant player in the venture capital space. With its roots in Burlingame, California, the firm focuses on a diverse range of sectors including business and consumer services, healthcare, IT, e-commerce, cybersecurity, AI, and machine learning.

Investment Focus and Portfolio

Inventus' investment strategy is characterized by its focus on early-stage companies. They guide and finance founders from seed capital to Series A, acting as coaches and collaborators. Notable companies in Inventus' portfolio include Poshmark, Credit Sesame, and various other innovative startups.

Opportunities for NRIs

For NRIs, investing in venture capital funds like Inventus can be an attractive proposition. It allows them to be part of innovative startups and growing businesses, potentially leading to significant returns.

Understanding the Fund Structure

Inventus’ recent fund, the third of its kind, was the first since its restructuring where it decided to raise separate, dedicated funds for India and the US. This fund primarily targets domestic investors, but NRIs can still participate under certain conditions.

Key Considerations for NRI Investors

Creditable Leadership and Experience

Inventus is led by industry veterans like Manu Rekhi, who brings extensive experience from Google, NewsCorp, and various startups. His expertise in building digital consumer businesses is a major asset for the portfolio companies.

Diverse Investment Portfolio

Inventus boasts a diverse portfolio, with investments in sectors like fintech, spacetech, proptech, XR, and cloud technologies. This diversity provides a balanced investment opportunity for NRIs.

Investment Outcomes

The firm has seen significant success, with run-rate sales across their active U.S. portfolio and substantial sales growth since their initial investments.

Tax and Regulatory Compliance for NRIs

NRIs interested in venture capital investments must be mindful of the tax implications and regulatory requirements, both in India and in their country of residence. Understanding these aspects is crucial for a hassle-free investment experience.


Inventus Capital Partners offers a promising avenue for NRIs to diversify their investment portfolios and participate in the growth of innovative startups. With its experienced leadership, diverse portfolio, and solid track record, it stands as a strong candidate for NRIs looking to venture into venture capital investments.

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