Axis Bank FCNR: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlock the Potential of Your Foreign Earnings: A Comprehensive Guide to Axis Bank FCNR Account
November 16, 2023
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Are you a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) looking to grow your foreign currency earnings while keeping them safe from currency fluctuations? If so, an Axis Bank FCNR (Foreign Currency Non-Resident) account might be the perfect solution for you. This term deposit account allows you to hold your savings in a variety of foreign currencies, shielding them from the volatility of the Indian Rupee while still offering attractive interest rates. In this comprehensive guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about Axis Bank's FCNR account, from eligibility criteria to how to open an account, interest rates, and much more. So, let's dive in!

What is Axis Bank FCNR?

The Axis Bank FCNR account is a type of term deposit account specifically designed for NRIs and OCIs. Unlike regular savings accounts, an FCNR account is denominated in foreign currency, which means you can maintain your balance in a currency of your choice from the six options provided. The account offers a term range between one to five years, and it's not a revolving account. This means, once the term ends, you'll need to renew the account to continue enjoying its benefits.

One of the standout features of this account is its protection against currency risk. With the Indian Rupee experiencing fluctuations, an FCNR account safeguards your foreign earnings by keeping them in a stable currency. This makes it a particularly appealing option for those who earn in foreign currencies and want to maintain the value of their savings.

Moreover, Axis Bank assures transparent dealings, stating all charges upfront and maintaining a focus on customer convenience. Whether you're buying a property abroad or simply want to save, the FCNR account offers a secure and profitable way to manage your finances.

How to Open an Axis Bank FCNR Account

Opening an Axis Bank FCNR account is a straightforward process, whether you're a new customer or already have an existing relationship with the bank. Let's break it down into two scenarios: opening an account online and doing it in person at a local Axis Bank branch.

Online Process

  1. Visit Axis Bank's Online Portal: Head over to the official Axis Bank website and navigate to the FCNR account section.
  2. Login or Register: If you already have Axis Bank credentials, log in to your account. If you're new, you can register as a New User. This will require you to provide some basic details, including passport information.
  3. Complete the Application: Fill in the required fields on the FCNR account application form. This usually includes your personal details, choice of foreign currency, and the term of the deposit.
  4. Submit the Form: After double-checking all the information, submit the application.
  5. Fund the Account: The final step is to make an initial deposit to fund your new FCNR account. You can do this through various methods, which we'll discuss in a later section.

If you're a new customer, an Axis Bank representative will contact you to guide you through the remaining steps, ensuring a smooth application process.

In-Person Process

  1. Visit a Local Axis Bank Branch: Carry all necessary identification documents and visit your nearest Axis Bank branch.
  2. Get the Application Form: Ask for an FCNR account application form and complete it.
  3. Submit KYC Documents: Provide attested copies of your Know Your Customer (KYC) documents for verification.
  4. Make an Initial Deposit: Just like the online process, you'll need to make an initial deposit to activate your account.

Regardless of the method you choose, keep in mind that the account must be funded in foreign currency.

Axis Bank FCNR Rates

One of the primary attractions of an Axis Bank FCNR account is the competitive interest rates it offers. The rates depend on two main factors: the choice of foreign currency and the length of the deposit term. The account is a term deposit, which means your money will grow at a specific rate until the term ends.

Here's a detailed table of the interest rates for Axis Bank FCNR accounts:


Note: These rates are updated as of April 4, 2023, and are subject to change.

Accounts opened for less than a year will not benefit from compounding interest.

These rates offer you a roadmap for how your investment will grow over time, aiding you in making an informed decision.

How to Transfer Funds to Your Axis Bank FCNR Account

Once you've opened your Axis Bank FCNR account, the next crucial step is funding it. This process can be executed through several methods, each with its own set of procedures, benefits, and drawbacks. Here's how you can go about it:

Modern Money Transfer Services:

  • How it Works: These are online platforms that facilitate quick and often less expensive fund transfers compared to traditional banking methods.
  • Pros: Speed is the most significant advantage. Many of these services also offer competitive exchange rates with lower fees.
  • Cons: Make sure to pick a reputable service as there are many platforms available, and not all are created equal.
  • Examples: Wise is one such platform, known for its low-cost and fast service. With a small transfer fee and the mid-market exchange rate, you can save money when making a transfer.

Existing NRI Account:

  • How it Works: If you already have a Non-Resident External (NRE) account in India, you can directly transfer funds to your FCNR account.
  • Pros: It's convenient and quick if you already hold an NRE account.
  • Cons: This method is only applicable if you have an existing NRE account.

Wire Transfer:

  • How it Works: This method utilizes the global SWIFT network to move funds from your foreign bank account to your Axis Bank FCNR account.
  • Pros: It's a secure and globally recognized method.
  • Cons: It can be slower and more expensive than other methods.

In-Person Deposit:

  • How it Works: If you are in India, you can visit an Axis Bank branch to make a deposit in foreign currency or traveler's cheques.
  • Pros: Immediate and direct, this method offers a tangible sense of security.
  • Cons: It's only possible if you're physically present in India, and you'll need to carry the foreign currency or traveler's cheques with you, which might not be convenient for everyone.

Features and Benefits of Axis Bank FCNR Account

An FCNR account with Axis Bank comes packed with a plethora of features and benefits tailored for the needs of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and Overseas Citizens of India (OCI).

Protection from Exchange Rate Volatility:

Axis Bank FCNR accounts offer protection against the volatility of the Indian Rupee, as the deposits are maintained in foreign currency.

Tax Benefits:

The interest earned on your deposits is not subject to Indian tax, making it a tax-efficient way to grow your money.

Currency Choices:

You can choose to hold your FCNR account in one of six different foreign currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, and AUD.

Joint Accounts:

NRIs and OCIs can also open joint FCNR accounts. However, these accounts cannot be held jointly with Indian residents.

Loans Against Deposits:

In need of quick liquidity? You can get a loan against your Axis Bank FCNR deposit, giving you financial flexibility.

Renewal and Repatriation:

The account can be renewed upon maturity, or the funds can be easily repatriated to the NRI’s resident country.

Premature Withdrawal:

Axis Bank offers flexibility in premature withdrawal of your deposits, subject to certain conditions, which can be particularly useful in emergency situations.

Each of these features contributes to making the Axis Bank FCNR account a comprehensive financial tool for managing your foreign earnings.

Who Can Open an Axis Bank FCNR Account

So, you're interested in the Axis Bank FCNR account, but who exactly is eligible to open one? The answer is quite straightforward, but it's crucial to ensure you fit the criteria before diving in.

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs):

  • Definition: An NRI is an Indian citizen who resides outside India for a minimum of 182 days in a calendar year.
  • Eligibility: Whether you are abroad for employment, studies, business, or vocation, you qualify as an NRI.
  • Additional Cases: This category also includes individuals working in UN organizations, Indian nationals working on oil rigs, foreign-registered airlines, or those officially deputed abroad by the Government of India.

Overseas Citizens of India (OCI):

  • Definition: An OCI is an individual who holds a foreign passport (excluding Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals) but has a historical or familial connection to India.
  • Eligibility: You are eligible if you have ever held an Indian passport, or if your parents or grandparents were citizens of India according to the Constitution of India or the Indian Citizen Act of 1955.
  • Spousal Eligibility: If you are the spouse of an Indian citizen or another OCI, you are also eligible to open an FCNR account.

Documents Required to Open an Axis Bank FCNR Account

Documentation is a key aspect of opening any bank account, and the Axis Bank FCNR account is no different. Depending on your existing relationship with Axis Bank, the documents required may vary. Here's what you generally need:

For Existing Axis Bank Customers:

The bank may not require additional documents if you already hold an NRI account with them. You'll likely be informed during the application process if any further documentation is needed.

For New Customers:

  • Indian Passport: A self-attested copy of your valid Indian passport is mandatory.
  • Proof of NRI or OCI Status: This could be your employment visa, residence permit, or proof of studies.
  • Proof of Address: Acceptable forms include a driver’s license or a bank statement.
  • PAN Card: A copy of your PAN card is required for financial and tax identification.

By gathering the necessary documents beforehand, you can make the application process as smooth as possible.

How to Apply for an Axis Bank FCNR Account

Applying for an Axis Bank FCNR account is a straightforward process. Let's take a look at how you can do this either online or in-person.

Online Application:

  • Access the Axis Bank Portal: Navigate to the Axis Bank online portal dedicated to FCNR accounts.
  • Log In: Use your Axis Bank credentials to log in. If you’re new, there’s an option to complete the New User registration.
  • Fill Out the Application: Complete the online application form for the new FCNR account, which usually includes personal details, financial information, and the currency in which you want to open the account.
  • Submit the Form: After thoroughly reviewing the details, submit the form.
  • Fund the Account: You’ll be prompted to make an initial deposit to activate the account.

In-Person Application:

  • Visit a Local Branch: Head to your nearest Axis Bank branch with all necessary documents.
  • Complete the Application: You'll be given a physical application form to complete.
  • Submit KYC Documents: Your identity and address will be verified through KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.
  • Fund the Account: Once everything is verified, you'll need to make an initial deposit to activate the account.


An Axis Bank FCNR account offers a robust and flexible platform for NRIs and OCIs to grow their foreign currency earnings while enjoying the benefits of currency diversification and potential tax advantages. Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term investment options, this account has got you covered.


What currencies can I hold in my Axis Bank FCNR account?

Axis Bank allows you to hold an FCNR account in six major currencies: US Dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), Japanese Yen (JPY), Canadian Dollars (CAD), and Australian Dollars (AUD). This flexibility is particularly useful if you earn in one of these currencies or want to diversify your currency risk.

Is it mandatory to have an existing relationship with Axis Bank to open an FCNR account?

No, an existing relationship with Axis Bank is not a requirement for opening an FCNR account. However, having an existing account can speed up the verification process and make the application smoother.

How long does it take to open an FCNR account online?

The online process is generally quick, often completed within a day if all your documents are in order. Once you submit your application and documents, an Axis Bank representative will usually reach out to you for any additional requirements or to confirm account activation.

Are there any penalties for early withdrawal?

Axis Bank does have specific conditions for early withdrawal, which can vary depending on the currency and the amount deposited. For large deposits in certain currencies, there may be no penalty. It's always best to consult with the bank for your specific situation.

What is the minimum and maximum tenure for an FCNR deposit?

The FCNR account requires a minimum commitment of one year and allows for a maximum tenure of five years. This range provides you with the flexibility to plan both short-term and long-term foreign currency investments.

Is the interest earned on FCNR accounts taxable?

Good news here—interest earned on FCNR accounts is not subject to tax in India. This makes it a tax-efficient option for NRIs and OCIs to grow their foreign earnings.

Can I take a loan against my Axis Bank FCNR deposit?

Yes, Axis Bank does provide the option to take a loan against your FCNR deposit. The terms and conditions will depend on various factors such as the currency of the deposit and the prevailing interest rates, so it’s advisable to consult with the bank for specific details.

How can I fund my Axis Bank FCNR account?

You have several options to fund your FCNR account. These include wire transfers, modern online money transfer services, or transferring from an existing NRE account in India. The choice can depend on the speed and cost you're comfortable with.

Is compounding interest available on Axis Bank FCNR accounts?

For FCNR accounts with a term of more than one year, interest is compounded at intervals of 180 days and then for the remaining actual number of days. Accounts with less than a year's tenure will not benefit from compounding interest.

What is the process for renewing my FCNR account after maturity?

Renewal of your FCNR account can either be set to auto-renewal at the time of account opening or can be done manually. For manual renewal, you can either visit the nearest Axis Bank branch or use the online portal to renew the deposit upon its maturity.

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