Bank of Baroda NRI Home Loan: Your Pathway to Home Ownership in India

Uncover the Benefits and Features of Bank of Baroda NRI Home Loan: Your Comprehensive Guide
November 10, 2023
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Dreaming of owning a home back in India while living abroad? You're not alone. For many non-resident Indians (NRIs), owning property in their homeland is not just an investment but a sentimental connection. Enter Bank of Baroda, a banking institution that understands your unique needs as an NRI. Offering a range of home loan options tailored specifically for NRIs, the bank simplifies the path to buying or constructing your dream home in India.

Why Choose Bank of Baroda NRI Home Loan?

When it comes to home loans, you might ask, "Why Bank of Baroda?" Well, the benefits are plenty. First off, the bank offers competitive interest rates without any differentiation based on loan amount, tenure, or whether you're salaried or self-employed. Here are some more reasons why Bank of Baroda is a strong contender:

  • Free Credit Card: Get a BOBCARD complimentary for the first year if your loan limit is Rs. 2 lakhs and above.
  • Car Loan Concession: Enjoy a 0.25% concession on car loans.
  • Top-Up Loan: Need more money? You can avail of a top-up loan up to 5 times during the loan period, ranging from a minimum of Rs. 1 lakh to a maximum of Rs. 200 lakhs.
  • Co-Applicant Flexibility: Want to bump up your eligibility? Add close relatives as co-applicants, even if they aren't joint property owners.
  • Risk-Based Pricing: The bank uses a bureau score linked pricing model for home loans.
  • Free Accidental Insurance: Every home loan comes with free accidental insurance.
  • Long Tenure: You can opt for a loan tenure of up to 30 years.
  • Higher Eligibility: Compared to other banks, you could qualify for a higher loan amount based on your repayment capacity.

Feeling intrigued? Well, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Keep reading to understand the eligibility criteria and much more.

Eligibility Criteria

So, you're sold on the benefits and ready to take the plunge, but do you meet the eligibility criteria? Well, let's check it out:

Who Can Apply?

Specific Eligibility Criteria

  • Employment: You should either have a stable job abroad in a reputed Indian or foreign company, or be self-employed or running a business unit for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Income: The minimum gross annual income considered for eligibility is Rs. 5 lakhs. If the application includes an NRI, the combined gross annual income should also be Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • Age: The borrower should be at least 21 years old, and the co-applicant should be at least 18 years old.
  • HUFs Not Eligible: Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) need not apply; they're not eligible.
  • So, a quick recap: If you're an NRI, PIO, or OCI with a stable source of income and meet the age criteria, you're on the right track.

Types of Loans and Purpose

Alright, you know you're eligible. Now, what kinds of loans can you actually get? Bank of Baroda offers a variety of options to meet your needs:

  • Purchase/Construction of House/Flat: Whether you're buying a ready-to-move-in house or want to construct one, Bank of Baroda has you covered.
  • Purchase of Residential Plot: Got your eyes on a piece of land? You can get a loan for that too.
  • Takeover from Other Financial Institutions: Already have a home loan but not happy with it? Bank of Baroda will take it over from other banks, HFCs, NBFCs, or FIs.
  • Extension/Addition: Want to add another room or floor? You can get a loan for the extension or additional construction.
  • Reimbursement: If you've already spent money from your pocket for construction, you can get it reimbursed through a loan.

To sum it up, whether you're buying, building, extending, or even switching your loan from another institution, Bank of Baroda has a home loan product that's just right for you.

Bank of Baroda NRI Home Loan Interest Rates

When it comes to home loans, interest rates are often the make-or-break factor. The interest rate starts from a competitive 8.50%. 

Now, it's worth noting that the rate of interest is linked to the one-year MCLR of the Bank and can be reset on an annual basis. It’s also subject to your CIBIL bureau score, which means the better your credit history, the better rate you might get. So, a quick tip—keep that credit score healthy!

Repayment Capacity & Tenure

So you've got the loan, now how do you pay it back? The good news is Bank of Baroda offers flexible repayment options. Here's the lowdown:

Maximum Loan Tenure

  • The loan must be repaid within 30 years, which includes a maximum moratorium period of 36 months.

Moratorium Period

  • An 18-month moratorium is available for under-construction houses up to the 7th floor, with an additional 6 months’ moratorium per floor, up to a maximum of 36 months.

Repayment Capacity

Your repayment capacity depends on your Gross Monthly Income (GMI). Bank of Baroda has specific guidelines:

  • Salaried Persons: The total deductions, including the proposed EMI, should not exceed a specific percentage of your GMI, ranging from 50% to 75%, depending on your income bracket.
  • Others: If your average gross annual income for the last 2 years is up to Rs. 6 lakhs, the limit is 70%. For income above Rs. 6 lakhs, it's 80%.

In essence, your repayment capacity is tailored to your income, making it easier to manage your finances while paying back the loan.

Margin Norms & Loan to Value (LTV) Ratio

When you take out a home loan, you're generally required to make a down payment, which is a percentage of the property’s value. This down payment is known as the "margin," and the rest of the amount is what you borrow. Here's how Bank of Baroda structures it:

Margin & LTV Ratio Table


The Loan to Value (LTV) ratio represents the percentage of the property’s value that your loan will cover. For example, if your LTV ratio is 90%, the loan will cover 90% of the property’s value, and the remaining 10% needs to be paid by you as a down payment.

Fees and Charges

Alright, no one likes hidden costs. So let's get into what extra charges you can expect when securing a Bank of Baroda NRI home loan.

  • Processing Charges: You're looking at a processing charge of 1% of the loan amount, with a maximum limit of Rs. 1,50,000. The minimum you'll pay upfront is Rs. 7,500.
  • Prepayment Charges: Planning to pay off your loan early? Good news—there are no prepayment charges. Yes, you read that right—zero!

Now, while the interest rate and processing fees are par for the course, the absence of prepayment charges gives you the flexibility to close your loan early without any penalties. That's a win-win in any case!

Group Credit Life Insurance Cover

Life can be unpredictable, and it's only smart to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Bank of Baroda offers an optional Group Credit Life Insurance Cover through a tie-up with M/s. India First Life Insurance Co. Here's what you need to know:

Key Features

  • Choice of Provider: You have the option to choose between India First Life Insurance and other providers, so you're not boxed into a corner.
  • Protection Against Unforeseen Events: In the unfortunate event of the borrower's death, the family is not required to repay the loan up to the extent of the claim settled amount.
  • Avoiding NPA: The insurance cover can prevent the loan account from slipping into the NPA category due to the borrower's death.
  • One-Time Premium: The life cover is available against a one-time premium, the amount of which is based on factors like the borrower's age, loan amount, interest rate, and tenure.
  • Funding Option: The premium amount can be financed as part of the loan at the borrower's request. However, for home loans, compliance with LTV Ratio guidelines must be ensured.

So basically, this insurance cover serves as a safety net, ensuring that your family doesn't bear the burden of loan repayment in case something happens to you.

Choosing the right home loan is a significant financial decision, especially when you're living abroad. Bank of Baroda's NRI home loan offers a host of benefits, flexible repayment options, and an optional insurance cover to give you and your family peace of mind. Armed with all this information, you're well-equipped to make an informed choice that suits your needs and financial goals. So go ahead, take that step closer to owning your dream home in India!


What is the maximum loan amount I can get with Bank of Baroda NRI home loan?

The maximum loan amount varies by location: Rs. 10 crores in Mumbai, Rs. 5 crores in other metros, and Rs. 3 crores in urban areas. It's all subject to your income and repayment capacity.

Can I include a co-applicant for a higher loan eligibility?

Absolutely, close relatives can be added as co-applicants for higher eligibility. This can be done even if they aren't joint owners of the property.

What happens if I want to repay the loan early?

Good news! Bank of Baroda doesn't charge any prepayment fees. So you're free to close the loan early without any penalties.

Is the Group Credit Life Insurance Cover mandatory?

No, it's optional. It's up to you to decide if you want this extra layer of protection.

What are the eligibility criteria for self-employed NRIs?

Self-employed NRIs need to have been engaged in their current overseas business for at least two years.

How is the interest rate determined?

The interest rate starts from 8.50% and is linked to the one-year MCLR of the Bank. Your CIBIL score also plays a role in the rate you'll get.

What is the margin for loans above Rs. 75 lakhs?

For loans above Rs. 75 lakhs, the margin is 25%, and the LTV ratio is 75%.

Are there any processing fees?

Yes, there's a 1% processing charge on the loan amount, with a maximum cap of Rs. 1,50,000 and a minimum upfront fee of Rs. 7,500.

What is the moratorium period for under-construction houses?

An 18-month moratorium period is available for under-construction houses up to the 7th floor. Additional 6 months can be added per floor, up to a maximum of 36 months.

Is the loan available for purchasing residential plots?

Yes, you can use the loan to purchase a residential plot of land as well.

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