IndusInd FCNR : A Complete Guide

Benefits of IndusInd FCNR Account: Your Complete Guide for Smooth Banking Abroad
November 17, 2023
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If you're an NRI (Non-Resident Indian) looking for a safe and profitable way to park your foreign earnings, FCNR accounts are probably on your radar. And when it comes to reliable banking for NRIs, IndusInd Bank often tops the list. With their robust NRI services and products, IndusInd Bank offers a well-structured Foreign Currency Non-Resident (FCNR) account that you can count on. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the details of the IndusInd Bank FCNR account, its features, how to open one, and much more.

What is FCNR at IndusInd Bank?

FCNR, which stands for Foreign Currency Non-Resident, is essentially a term deposit account designed for NRIs. Unlike a regular savings account where you deposit funds in Indian Rupees, an FCNR account allows you to hold your money in multiple foreign currencies. This means you can earn interest on your foreign income right here in India without worrying about the ever-fluctuating exchange rates.

IndusInd Bank steps it up by offering FCNR accounts in six different foreign currencies, which is more than what many other Indian banks offer. The account can be opened for various term lengths, ranging from 1 to 5 years. This flexibility allows you to choose a term that aligns with your financial goals. Another feather in IndusInd's cap is their competitive interest rates, making it an attractive option compared to similar accounts overseas. And if you're someone who prefers the digital route, IndusInd Bank has got you covered with easy online account management.

How to Open an IndusInd Bank FCNR Account

Opening an FCNR account with IndusInd Bank is relatively straightforward, especially if you're already an NRI account holder with the bank. You can initiate the process online, which is both quick and convenient.

For Existing NRI Account Holders:

  • Log In to Online Portal: Sign in to your IndusInd Bank online banking or mobile app.
  • Navigate to FCNR Options: Once logged in, look for the option to open a new FCNR deposit account.
  • Fill in Details: You'll be prompted to provide necessary details, including the choice of foreign currency and the term length for the deposit.
  • Review & Confirm: Double-check all the information you've filled in and confirm the application.

For New Customers:

  • Contact the Bank: You can submit a new application form online. A bank representative will reach out to guide you.
  • Open NRI Account First: If you're new to IndusInd, you’ll need to open an NRI account before you can get started with an FCNR account.
  • Required Documents: You'll need to provide identification, proof of NRI status, and other documents. More on this later in the article.
  • Visit a Branch: If you're in India, you can also walk into any IndusInd Bank branch with your documents to open both the NRI and the FCNR accounts.

In-Person Option:

If you happen to be in India, you can directly go to any IndusInd Bank branch and open both an NRI and an FCNR account. Just make sure to carry all your necessary documents, which we'll detail later in the article.

IndusInd FCNR Rates

Understanding the interest rates is crucial when you're considering an FCNR account. IndusInd Bank offers competitive rates that vary based on the type of foreign currency you choose and the term length of the deposit. Let's break down the numbers:

Interest Rates for Different Term Lengths and Currencies:


Special Notes:

  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Deposits of more than $1 million USD qualify for a higher interest rate.
  • No interest will be paid for deposits withdrawn prematurely.
  • By taking the time to understand these rates, you'll be better positioned to maximize your returns. Also, keep in mind that interest is compounded every 180 days, which contributes to better earnings in the long run.

By taking the time to understand these rates, you'll be better positioned to maximize your returns. Also, keep in mind that interest is compounded every 180 days, which contributes to better earnings in the long run.

How to Transfer Funds to an IndusInd FCNR Account

Transferring funds into an FCNR account with IndusInd Bank has its own set of guidelines. Here's the lowdown on how to go about it:

From Overseas

IndusInd FastRemit: Specifically designed for residents of the US, Singapore, and Canada, FastRemit is IndusInd's in-house service. But keep an eye out for exchange rate mark-ups and associated fees.

Online Money Transfers: Many online services allow you to transfer money to India at rates that are often more favorable than what traditional banks offer. However, it's smart to compare rates and fees among different providers.

Wire Transfer: Almost all banks in your resident country that are part of the SWIFT network can initiate wire transfers to India. Although reliable, it could be pricier and take longer than other methods.

Within India

  • From an NRE Account: If you already have an NRE account with IndusInd or any other bank in India, transferring funds to your new FCNR account is pretty straightforward.
  • In-Person Deposits: If you happen to be in India, you can also deposit foreign currency notes or traveler’s cheques directly at an IndusInd branch. However, deposits in Indian rupee notes or transfers from regular savings accounts won't cut it.
  • Important Note: Make sure to check the minimum deposit required to open an FCNR account with IndusInd Bank. Knowing this beforehand will save you from any last-minute hiccups.

Features and Benefits of the IndusInd FCNR Account

When you're putting your hard-earned money into an FCNR account, you ought to know the perks that come with it. Let’s dig into some of the standout features and benefits:

  • Exchange Rate Protection: One of the big wins is that you protect your foreign earnings from fluctuations in the Indian rupee exchange rate. You can convert the funds at a later date if you wish.
  • Tax Benefits: The interest you earn is tax-free in India, which is always a plus.
  • Ease of Online Management: If you're tech-savvy, you'll appreciate that IndusInd allows online management of your FCNR account.
  • Joint Accounts: Another perk is that you can hold this account jointly with a resident Indian, which is not a common feature among all Indian banks.
  • Flexibility in Remittance: IndusInd offers various options for sending money to and from India, making it convenient for account holders.
  • Interest Compounding: Interest is compounded every 180 days, which can make a significant difference in your earnings over time.
  • Choice of Currency: IndusInd lets you choose from six different currencies for your FCNR account. So, you have the flexibility to pick a currency that you're most comfortable with or that offers the best interest rate.
  • Repatriation: Both the principal and the interest can be fully and freely repatriated back to your resident country, giving you complete control over your funds.
  • Tenure Flexibility: You can open an FCNR deposit for a minimum of one year up to a maximum of five years, giving you the freedom to choose a term that suits your financial planning.

Understanding these features and benefits will help you make the most out of your IndusInd FCNR account.

Who Can Open an IndusInd FCNR Account?

If you've been wondering who exactly can avail themselves of an IndusInd FCNR account, here's your answer:

  • Non-Resident Indians (NRIs): As long as you're an NRI, defined as an Indian citizen living outside India for 182 days or more in a year, you're eligible.
  • Overseas Citizens of India (OCI): OCIs can also open an FCNR account, extending the benefits to a wider range of people who have connections to India but reside elsewhere.


  • Existing NRI Account: Already an NRI account holder with IndusInd? You're in luck! You can quickly open an FCNR account online.
  • New to IndusInd: If you're new to the bank, you'll first need to open an NRI account. Specifically, an NRE account is advisable as it eases the process of transferring funds into the FCNR account later.

Documents Required to Open an IndusInd FCNR Account

Paperwork is inevitable, but knowing what you need beforehand can streamline the process. Here's what you'll need:

  • Application Form: The starting point for any account opening process.
  • Recent Photograph: For identity verification and record-keeping.
  • PAN Card/Form 60: Mandatory for financial transactions in India.
  • Valid Passport: To confirm your NRI/OCI status and identity.
  • Proof of NRI Status: This could be a work or resident permit, employment visa, or OCI card.
  • Address Proof: A recent bank statement or utility bill from the last two months should suffice.
  • Note for Existing Customers: If you already have an NRI account with IndusInd, you can skip most of these documents, making the process faster and more straightforward.
  • Bonus Tip: Always check with a bank representative if additional documents might be needed. It's better to be over-prepared than caught off guard.

Currencies Available in IndusInd FCNR Account

Choices, choices, choices. When it comes to an FCNR account with IndusInd, you're not limited to just one or two currencies. Here are the options you've got:

  1. US Dollars (USD)
  2. British Pounds (GBP)
  3. Euros (EUR)
  4. Japanese Yen (JPY)
  5. Australian Dollars (AUD)
  6. Canadian Dollars (CAD)

Special Note on JPY: If you're eyeing a Japanese Yen FCNR account, know that term lengths are more restricted, available only for 2 or 5-year terms.

So, whether you're earning in dollars or dabbling in euros, IndusInd has got you covered. And remember, the currency you choose will also affect the interest rates you get, so choose wisely.

IndusInd Bank FCNR Rates

Ah, the heart of the matter—interest rates. After all, a good interest rate can make a world of difference to your savings. Here's a breakdown of IndusInd FCNR rates based on the term length and currency:

Term Deposit of 1 year - less than 2 years


Term Deposit of 2 years - less than 3 years


Things to Remember:

  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Deposits of more than $1 million US dollars get a higher rate.
  • No interest will be paid for deposits that are withdrawn prematurely.


So there you have it—a comprehensive guide to IndusInd Bank's FCNR account. From the steps to open an account to the interest rates you can expect, it's all laid out here. Whether you're an NRI looking for a safe place to park your foreign earnings, or you're just exploring your options, IndusInd's FCNR account offers a solid blend of flexibility, convenience, and returns. Just make sure to keep an eye on those interest rates and remember that your choice of currency can be a game-changer. Happy banking!


What is FCNR?

FCNR stands for Foreign Currency Non-Resident account. It's a term deposit account meant for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and is held in foreign currencies rather than Indian Rupees. This allows NRIs to earn interest on their foreign earnings without worrying about exchange rate fluctuations.

Can I open an FCNR account online with IndusInd Bank?

Absolutely, you can. If you're already an NRI account holder with IndusInd, just log into their mobile app or online banking portal to initiate the process. If you're new to IndusInd, you'll first need to open an NRI account, after which you can proceed to open an FCNR account.

What's the minimum term length for an IndusInd FCNR account?

The minimum term length is one year. You have the flexibility to choose term lengths up to 5 years.

Are there tax benefits with an IndusInd FCNR account?

Yes, the interest earned on an FCNR account is exempt from tax in India.

What currencies are available for an IndusInd FCNR account?

You can open an FCNR account in six different currencies: USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, and CAD.

How do IndusInd FCNR rates compare to other banks?

While rates can fluctuate, IndusInd Bank generally offers competitive interest rates on FCNR accounts compared to other Indian banks.

Can I prematurely withdraw my FCNR deposit?

You can, but keep in mind that no interest will be paid if the deposit is withdrawn before one year. For deposits kept for more than a year, the interest will be calculated at a rate lower than what was initially agreed upon.

Is there a penalty for premature withdrawal?

Yes, besides the reduction in interest, you'll also face a SWAP (conversion) cost based on prevailing market rates between the FCNR currency and Indian Rupees.

Can I hold an FCNR account jointly with a resident Indian?

Yes, IndusInd allows FCNR accounts to be held jointly with a resident Indian.

How can I fund my IndusInd FCNR account?

There are multiple ways to fund your FCNR account, including wire transfers, online money transfers, and IndusInd’s own FastRemit service. You can also transfer funds from an existing NRE account.

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